Principal for the Day

Tim did a great job today as Principal. He started off by declaring it a "dress down Cubs day".  After that very important first order of business, he got right to the important work.  He even had to take a very important meeting! Great job Tim!!!




An ENORMOUS thanks to EVERYONE that helped make the Blue & White Night a great success!
A fun time was had by all. And for a great cause!


Welcome Back Mr. Tim O'Malley









St. Thecla Catholic Church and School are located on the northwest side of Chicago.  Since 1925 our parish is made up of good hard working people who strive to live with basic and enduring values.  
We aim to make this the best place to rear our children.  As parents, faculty and staff; we accept this great responsibility; and wouldn't trade it for the world.  

We welcome you to call us for a visit and we look forward to meeting you.
Fr. Gene Dyer, Pastor
Ms. Kathy Collins, Director of Development