On behalf of myself, and my loving wife Maribeth. I would like to thank the Thecla families that helped pull this fundraiser together. Special thanks goes to my Committee Members who helped pull this off!
Heather Rocha,Gretchen Dietz, Jessica Bacoulis, Dan Bacoulis, Fiona Brady Clyde, Julie Mahan, Jean Sekera, Mark Olszewski, Patrick Sheedy,To the parents that gave us a hand and worked the nights we were opened I thank you. To all of our teen scares from the neighboring High Schools there would be NO haunted house if you didn't help and do the great job that you did. We were short Adult HELP at least four of the twelve nights we were opened, but we got her done!!! This was our Tenth season!! 9th Year!! We did good!!
Thank you,
Bill P Ruehlmann & Maribeth Ruehlmann


St. Thecla Catholic Church and School are located on the northwest side of Chicago.  Since 1925 our parish is made up of good hard working people who strive to live with basic and enduring values.
We aim to make this the best place to rear our children.  As parents, faculty and staff; we accept this great responsibility; and wouldn't trade it for the world.  

We welcome you to call us for a visit and we look forward to meeting you.
Fr. Gene Dyer, Pastor
Ms. Kathy Collins, Director of Development