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St. Thecla School (773-763-3380) is located at 6323 North Newcastle and serves the student population within the St. Thecla Parish boundaries.  It is located on Chicago’s northwest side (Norwood Park) within the Parish complex bordered by Devon Avenue (North), Palatine Avenue (South), Oak Park Avenue (East), and Newcastle Avenue (West), and is adjacent to Niles (North) and Park Ridge (West). It provides a Catholic education to approximately 250 students in Grades Pre-Kindergarten-3 through 8. Its purpose is to provide a quality education rooted in a Catholic way of life.

Its physical plant houses a full curriculum of the basics including physical education, computer education, library, art, and music. The day is extended in the morning and after school for the care of students of working parents. The closed campus allows for a flexible schedule, a uniform lunch program, and provides the Archdiocesan Food Service Hot Lunch Program.

A well-developed Parish sports program is available to all students in Grades 4-8. Band, altar servers, and the scouting program are some of the other extracurricular offerings. In addition to daily religion classes, liturgical school celebrations are held regularly. Sacramental preparation and celebration are Parish endeavors. All students actively participate in the school curriculum including the religious curriculum. If a student is not baptized as a Catholic, that student is not eligible to receive the sacraments.

Parental involvement is encouraged. Opportunities for service include: the St. Thecla School Board / Advisory Council, the St. Thecla Parish Athletic Advisory Council , the parents’ group – Family School Association (FSA), and many other ways.

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We believe:

  • That the parents are the primary educators of their children
  • That the faith life of each student should be nurtured emphasizing Catholic values
  • That as a part of the Catholic Community of St. Thecla Parish we share a mission of service and stewardship
  • In an all encompassing curriculum that meets the mental, spiritual, social, physical, and emotional needs of all students
  • In encouraging creative thinking and problem solving skills
  • That as a Catholic school we are preparing students to assume the duties of Christian citizenship
  • In celebrating our students’ God given talents through fine arts and athletic programs
  • In our Lord’s message to “love one another”