Jul 012014
The 2017-2018 School Advisory Council Members are:


Name Year Installed
Fr. Gene Dyer Pastor
Ms. Kathy Collins Development Director
Mary Fuller (Chair) 2012
Charise Valente (Co-Chair) 2009
Ursula Walowski 2016
Marion Gal 2013
Katy Haran 2016
Julie Schutt 2016
Jean Sekera 2016
Fiona Clyde 2016

Contact us with any questions and concerns:

Sep 152010

A School Advisory Council is not a decision-making board. We advise the Principal and Pastor on school-related matters. We review school finances. We participate in the school’s development, recruitment, and long-range plan. A School Advisory Council acts as the public relations and marketing arm of the school. A School Advisory Council does not hire or evaluate faculty or staff. It is NOT a grievance committee. We encourage individuals to go to the source of a problem, be that the teacher or other individual.

Sep 152010

Visitors are welcome to come and hear what is being discussed at our meetings. They typically take place on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM in the school building. The dates for this year’s meetings are listed on our school calendar. Please be aware that there is a protocol that must be observed by those who attend the meetings:

  • Visitors observe the advisory council while it is in session. They do not engage in the discussion nor do they actively participate in the agenda through comments. There is time set aside at the end for visitor’s comments.
  • Once the visitor is recognized, the visitor has one opportunity to express an opinion on the matter at hand. Each individual may speak for a few minutes on matters that concern the board.
  • There is no discussion or debate between the visitors and the advisory council members.
  • Please understand that the issues you raise at a meeting will not be handled at the meeting. If appropriate, the matter may be addressed by the advisory council at a future time.
  • It is sometimes necessary to “close” the advisory council meeting to visitors. In those cases, visitors may stay for the portion of the meeting that is open.

Please feel free to contact one of the School Advisory Council members if you have questions or email us at theclasadvisorycouncil@googlegroups.com