Dec 082016

Congrats to Coach Mark Olszewski

“I’m truely humbled and honored to have received the Catholic Grade School Conference Coach of the Year Award. For 20 yrs I’ve given all I had to the St Thecla football program. I’ve never once did this for any awards and I think that is why I’m so taken aback. I’ve literally grown up as I was a coach, got married, had a family and bought a house. You know all the big boy stuff. But yet everyday from August til November I’m worried about a blocking scheme or a defensive adjustment. I’ve gained and maintained friendships from day 1 and I think I helped change the culture of our program. I’ve had a ton of help along the way and if I named everyone I’d be at a list of close to a thousand. I’d love to thank ted Ted Jablonski Elaine Lillquist Kehoe Christy Letteri Luczak Patrick Kehoe Elise Brooks Ann Kelly OGrady Bob Rosenquist John Borner andConnie Denk for the help along the way. With that being said again I’ve missed tons of people and I’d like to thank all my former players coaches for all they’ve done to buy into what we visioned. Not every year was great on the winning end, but the other teams always knew when they played St. Thecla that it would be tough. A huge thank you to my Bride who continues to let me coach and sacrifice family time to do what I love! Again thank you for the recognition and let’s Falcon Up.
Never above ya
Never below ya
Always besides ya” – Mark Olszewski