Congratulations St. Thecla Class of 2016!

We will be expecting great things from you when you attend the following high schools:


DEIRDRE COLLINS – St. Ignatius College Prep

FIONA COLLINS – Northside College Prep

MOLLY FAY – Regina Dominican High School

JACK FINNEGAN – St. Patrick High School

JIMMY FINNEGAN – St. Patrick High School

PATTY GLEASON – Loyola Academy

LUKE HARAS – Notre Dame College Prep

MICHAEL “MICKEY” LEYDEN – St. Patrick High School

  • Awarded Legacy Scholarship for testing in top 25%

LOGAN MACBAIN – St. Patrick High School

  • Nationally ranked #7 for the class of 2020 by Offense-Defense football

MICHAEL PICCOLO – Notre Dame College Prep

PAYTON O’HARA – Resurrection College Prep

  • Scored in top 10 on entrance exam, received Resurrection College Prep Block Top Tester Scholarship award

ANNIE QUINN – Resurrection College Prep

ANTHONY RANALLO – Notre Dame College Prep

LISSETTE RIVERA – Schaumburg High School

KYLE SHRADER – Notre Dame College Prep

  • Tested in 96th percentile and one of the top 12 students for placement test, awarded scholarship for being an ND Scholar

ANNE TORREZ – Loyola Academy