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Address: 6323 N. Newcastle Ave.
  Chicago, IL 60631
Phone: (773) 763-3380
School Office
School Administration Fr. Gene Dyer
Development Director Ms. Kathy Collins
Vice Principal Mr. Cerjak
School Secretary Mrs. Bea Sansone
Goodwill Committee Mrs. Michelle Arnold
Preschool (3 year old) Ms. Kalkirtz
Preschool Aide(3 year old) Mr. Scimeca
Pre-kindergarten (4 year old) Ms. Schroeder
Pre-kindergarten Aide (4 year old) Mr. Lisiecki
Pre-kindergarten Aide (4 year old) Ms. Qamruddin
Kindergarten Mrs. Becker
Kindergarten Aide AM Mrs. McGavin
Kindergarten Aide PM Mrs. Nyman
1st grade Mrs. Lange
2nd grade Ms. Due
3rd grade Ms. Deangelis
4th grade Mr. Cerjak
5th grade Ms. Lohens
6th – 8th Middle School Science, Trimester Electives (Art, Study Skills, and Health) – St. Patrick Hall Mrs. Huber
6th – 8th Middle School History and Religion – St. Francis Hall Mr. Kessler
6th – 8th Middle School Language Arts and Novel Study – St. Joseph Hall Mrs. King
Physical Education Mr. Archer
Technology and Library    
Resource Teacher (K-5) Mrs. Katsafados
Resource and RTI Team (6-8) Mr. Kessler, Mrs. Huber, Mrs. King  
Spanish Contact School Office
School Advisory Council
Family School Association(F.S.A)  Melissa Fasuna
Athletic Council
Memorial Fund Committee
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