The certificate program is a way for you to earn tuition credit and the school to make money. We are not asking you to buy anything outside of what you already do on a weekly basis. Instead of going to Jewel and using your debit card, pick up
the Jewel card from school and earn yourself some tuition credit and help the school earn money. We ask each family to buy a $2500 minimum in cards throughout the entire year.

After that amount you start receiving tuition credit back. Whatever is earned after the $2500 you get 50/50 of the profit towards your tuition. Have your family and friends get cards as well and see your tuition reimbursement really help you out.

This is how it  works:

1. We will still have an inventory in the office that you can come in and pick up anytime.
2. You can turn in an order sheet and orders will be placed on Mondays. The cards will be delivered on Wednesdays and you can pick them up at the end of the school day or I can send them home with your child.
3. You can place an order online yourself and the order will be shipped to school.
4. You can use the my.wallet feature on the scrip card website and get the cards on your phone.

Here is our school code if you need it to register: D158C859136L
If you have any questions please call or email